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Custom Bridal Veils

Want to have a crowning glory showpiece on your journey down the aisle? We can not only assist you in complementing your bridal gown with the perfect bridal veil! We can help you design a veil in a choice of MULTIPLE COLORS, MULTIPLE LENGTHS, MULTIPLE EDGINGS, and/or with your selection of FABULOUS accents such as scattered pearls or rhinestones!!! And as an added bonus, we can save you a lot of money with our great reasonable prices to fit your budget!!!

First of all, you can select your veil color:

  • White, Diamond White, Ivory, or Special

Second, you will choose the desired length of your bridal veil:

10'" x 15" Flyaway

15" x 20" Shoulder

20" x 25" Elbow

25" x 30" Waist

30" x 36" Fingertip

30" x 45" Knee

30" x 58" Waltz

30" x 72" Floor

30" x 90" or 30" x 108" Chapel

30" x 120" or 30" x 144" Cathedral

Another special option is a choice of scattered accents, if desired:

  • Scattered Pearls

  • Scattered Rhinestones

         ...and a choice of many elegant edgings

It's so easy to get started! Just fill out and submit the form below, email up today at, or call us at 1-800-883-0868 let us know how we can design your bridal veil!!!


Note: All purchases on custom made items are final. Deposits are non-refundable due to special order of materials and the nature of them being hand made to order.


4467V-I closeup.JPG
1400V closeup2.JPG
Veil Length Chart.JPG
Bridal Veil.JPG
3331V closeup.JPG
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