Creating Your Inspiration Board

February 17, 2018




Let me describe inspiration boards as your product of a wedding 'jam session'! It's your opportunity to put together all the great ideas that are swimming around in your head...and now you are bringing them into reality on a virtual piece of art!


I am sure you have been glancing on the internet, in wedding magazines, thinking of color themes, looking at wedding attire, discovering the delicious world of wedding cakes...well, this is your vehicle to pull it all together in one place! An inspiration board is your canvas of's how we get started in our planning process.


So you ask...why do we need an inspiration board? It helps you narrow down your choices. It helps you to focus on what visually appeals to you. It will get you excited and motivated because it is the best of your ideas that you have gathered! When you bring your inspiration board to your wedding or event planner, he or she can immediately see what you like! It can now be used as your springboard...the planner knows what type of suggestions to make for you based on your visual choices.

 So, you do we get started...

Well, here we go!

1. Gather a folder and as you find ideas from your magazines, online (particularly Pinterest) throw everything into a hard or online folder. You are going for collecting 'a feeling'! 

2. Try to consider a theme as you see the pictures...the color themes, the type of wedding you want to have (formal, relaxed, vintage, monochromatic, holiday, rustic, etc), images of your favorite hobbies or interests to incorporate into your wedding day....the possibilities are endless!

3. Choose the pictures that depict your personality, that excite you (and your groom/bride) the most! You will need at least 9 to 12 pictures per board.

4. You can use Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or Paint to put your board together. There is a free, online design tool called Canva you will enjoy with pulling your boards together!

5. If you are not the creative type, either get your wedding planner to help to create your board or go online and find one already made online that excites you! It's really so simple you can definitely do it's just a cut and paste project!

6. The internet is the perfect resource for ideas for your visionary art piece of ideas! One of the best, online inspiration board makers is Style Me Pretty! Just start using one of their templates, then drag and drop their gorgeous images onto your board, then arrange, resize, and reposition your images on the board as they appeal to you! When you are satisfied with your result, print out your board.  

7. Send your board to your family or friends who are helping you plan your special day! Or take your board to your wedding planning meeting to get moving on more ideas even faster!


The best thing about inspiration boards is that once you have mastered them...which doesn't take long at can use them for a lot of different decision-making situations in your life! Try them for home decorating, holiday decor, birthday party decorating, home buying...just to name a few!



















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