"We're Having a Small Wedding!"

February 20, 2018



So, you want to celebrate your nuptials with all of your friends and family...but you have too many of both! Join the club...that is the dilemma so many couples have to face. Let us help you think about this for a moment!


If you and your fiancee are mainly footing the bill yourselves (which a lot of couples do these days), put your priorities in order! Look at your bank account and future and think realistically. That new dream home is the place to steer your $$$. Let's talk about ways to save and still have a very memorable wedding event! 


What we, as planners, advise our clients to do is to invite only the people who will celebrate with you and be happy for you on your special day. Keep any family members or friends who like to stir up trouble or cause controversy off your list. It is a very hard decision to cut out guests...but be honest with folks and let them know that you have to limit your event to a very small number. And, we will be very honest with you...people will get upset. But they will get over it! Even when our clients have limited their numbers down to 150 to 200, some guests are still upset that they weren't invited. If it's that much of a disappointment, have a nice big BBQ a few months later and invite everyone...less expensive, but still lots of fun!


Consider a guest list of around 75 guests...it's a more personal event for you and your guests! You get to talk to and spend time with everyone! With less guests, you can have more choices...some examples are elaborate tablescapes with less tables, replace your sparkling wine with champagne, better more personalized favors, fun party buses to transport guests, nicer hotel welcoming gifts, better food selections, better entertainment, and we could go on... When it comes to making a choice between cutting the guest list or cutting the quality, its easy! With a shorter list, you, your guests, and your checkbooks win--hands down! 


In preparing your guest list, prioritizing your people is very important and helpful! Start your 'A' list with your immediate family, the bridal party and best friends. Then, list your aunts, uncles, cousins, and closest friends who have always been there with you. Then comes your 'B' list: list your parents' friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. If you need to make some cuts, start with the bottom of the 'B' list. Remember that 10 to 20% of your invited guests will not attend...holidays, destination weddings, and remote locations will also decrease your list.


Another plus is the fact that with less people you have more, unique venue choices! Rent a few beach houses for your guests and have an intimate wedding on the beach! Take a few friends or family members to a destination location and make a long weekend vacation out of it for all! Take a quick cruise and get married on the ship! Take over a fun restaurant and do a fun theme party, like a casino night, masquerade with a photo booth and loads of props!


But remember, couples, that you need a wedding planner for small weddings too! A planner will see to it that every detail is accounted for on your big day! With less people, small mistakes are more obvious-a planner will eliminate those...so go totally stress-free, save money with less guests, call the planner, and get started planning your intimate, dream wedding!!! 


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