Creating the WOW Factor at Your Venue

March 16, 2018


There is nothing like seeing your venue transform from an impersonal, colorless canvas into a glorious personalized work of art bringing your vision for your event to life!

If you have the gift of a great imagination, you should be able to walk into any space and instantly visualize what that space can become for you or your clients' special day. If not, it's time to hire an event decor designer or contact your most creative (and loyal) family and friends!


Your budget will determine whether you use the approach of the 'sky's the limit' or whether you have an all-out DIY project extravaganza plan. The great news is whether you have a large or small budget, your event decor can be fabulous with careful planning! The first step, after setting your budget and selecting your venue, is to determine your theme and then determine how much you would like to fill your room. Balancing your space is the for your guests, space for navigation, space for dancing and socializing, space for cake, food and drink details, space for your gifts, photo shots, etc...all of those spaces have to be pulled together with coordinated splashes of color! 



A lot of event venues with tall ceilings no longer allow balloons and if they do, they impose a fee for removal of runaway balloons. Therefore, the use of balloons are used more in the form of shaped sculptures or archways instead of free-hanging table decorations.


Also, most venues will not allow you to hang any fixtures using nails or other alterations that might damage their walls or floors. But there are so many ways to personalize your venue without bringing harm to your historic venue, art gallery, museum location, or other type of site.


Here are some ideas that will add that wow factor you may be looking for:


*  Uplighting - Set your mood with your uplighting, dramatically improving the ambience of your event space. You can accent your walls with one color, multi-colors, or colors that change throughout the night. Try displaying your wedding monogram on the dance floor, highlighting special areas, placing lighting to shine on each of your tables, displaying special holiday patterns or showing other festive images, if desired. You can use special lighting in any size venue to transform your space adding warmth and dramatic effect, even in a home event setting.   


* Ceiling Draping - turn a school gym or other bland space needing a great camouflaging into a glittery, magical space by hanging shimmering organza or other similar flowing fabrics from the ceiling. Large full bolts of organza are inexpensive, but take planning, timing, and lots of help...but the end result will be well worth all of the work.


* Colorful Glassware Rentals - adding fanciful glassware to complement your tablescape's color theme will give you that special pop needed at each setting, as well as to offer magnificent reflections throughout the room from sparkling uplighting.


* Colorful Menus - have colorful, coordinated menus or reception programs printed for each place setting to add that extra matching splash of color. Even consider using a calligraphed design to add that special personal touch of class!


* LED Candles - Most venues do not allow open-flamed candles; therefore create soft LED lighting from various heights and sized candles around your space to enhance your food and guest tables.


*Chalkboards - stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and A.C. Moore have some of the most gorgeous chalkboard designs to fit any decor style. Chalkboards are a fantastic way to provide messaging and to jazz up your entryway or to introduce your signature drink! Add greenery, floral garlands, to enhance any board to fancy up your venue scene!


 * Go Monochromatic - if you are a minimalist, go with a one-color decor scheme! White is one of the easiest color schemes to pull off, is one of the least expensive, and looks very elegant! Take this idea a step further and ask the guests to wear your special color for fantastic photo shots! In fact, a lot of your family members will use these photos as family portraits!


* Tablecloths and Runners - find patterned or embellished fabrics to make your room pop and save money on expensive large floral centerpieces. Let the fabric designs do the decorating! Coordinate your linen with your menus and programs for very personalized touch!


* Creative Table Number Signs - display your table numbers on lanterns, festive flags, colored bottles, etc. or use colorful pictures that relate to your event theme.  Remember to keep the numbers large so your guests can easily spot their tables...which is their true purpose!



* Hanging Paper Lanterns - add a splash of color to your venue's ceiling or entryway easily and make your guests look up to spectacular views!  Lanterns are the new party balloons!


* Photo Backdrops - free-standing backdrops using draped fabrics hanging from pipe and drape fixtures add decor to your room as well as provide beautiful focal points for your guests to grab stunning photo shots! Use tissue paper flowers, dangling floral or greenery garlands, balloons--Michael's Crafts now sells pre-made blocks of paper flowers to build your event backdrop wall at very reasonable prices.


* Creative Placecard Displays - design a display that complements your event theme. Make your placecard table a showpiece for your guests' entry into your cocktail hour!


* Tall Glass Centerpieces - create dramatic alternating tall and short centerpieces throughout your room to reflect the room's special lighting for a very dramatic effect. 


* Photo Display - in place of a traditional slideshow, collect family photos and hang in a whimsical display to create a great conversation starter.


* Rental Furniture - if space allows, add seating pieces around your venue to strategically add your themed color and create lounging areas for your guests to gather for conversation. Add matching pillows to the seating to extend even more texture and colorful touches throughout the room. 


Try one, two, three or more of these decor ideas for your next event! Use any or all of these ideas and you will provide that extra WOW to every space for your next event! Have fun decorating!






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