Wedding Planning When Families Don't Like Each Other

March 26, 2018

...It's the elephant in the room...the family dynamics affecting your wedding day! The bride has dreamed of her perfect wedding day her entire life! Her planning has started, but reality sets in...she realizes there is no way she should get all of her family members in one room together. 


I read an article recently which inspired the writing of this blog topic. The bride's parents were very strict, and as she called it, 'very proper' people who look down on any 'goofing' off. They were very outspoken and very abrasive in expressing their sentiments. The groom's family was loud, obnoxious, love to have fun, to 'goof off'.


No one said a wedding reception was a requirement. In this situation, the emphasis should be on limiting your families' time together, especially limit their ability to interact...and with that said, this will be a very quick article! There are actually a few simple choices for you! 


Consider having your beautiful wedding, in a church or other elegant facility, where everyone can sit 'quietly' and watch the 'fabulousness' of the day confined to a pew or seat. Schedule the time for late morning or early, early afternoon where a large meal is not expected. And then *...


* Have a short champagne toast and wedding cake afterwards (keep it very short) and immediately fly off to your honeymoon. Indicate 'cake and toasts following ceremony' on your invitations so that guests don't expect more. 


* Directly after the wedding, just head straight to the honeymoon! When you return home, schedule a sit-down dinner at a nice, quiet restaurant with your 'proper' family and a second, separate 'throw-down' party with a DJ and buffet with his 'party' relatives! Make the best of both worlds tailor-made for each family type!


* Elope and enjoy a private ceremony just for the two of you. A nice tropical beach or island wedding would be fabulous and very memorable! Invite just a few close friends (who like each other), if desired.


Bottom-line...there should be zero stress on your wedding day! So start planning and enjoy yourself with your family and friends in the way that works best for you and your fiancee!





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