What We're Seeing in 2018 Events!

April 23, 2018

Lucite heels, balloon shaped structures, black and white themes, natural and organic trends, bohemian style, mocktails, silver and chrome, grandmother flowergirls....should be a fun time at events this year!!!


The overwhelming theme of 2018 is 'be your natural self' and 'do what you want to do'! Yes, greenery has found its way back into our natural, organic lives...florals are toned down (for the most part) and are being replaced by green plants and garlands. Brides are using less formal arrangements and choosing to carry handfuls of freshly picked posies or seasonal flowers (dogwood is very popular) tied with a simple ribbon. Centerpieces are potted plants in containers wrapped in natural fibers.


One of the main color trends is a dip into the purple family...lilac, lavender, mauve, wine... Fashions and decors are trending toward the neutral and white tones, following the international fashion runways this year! But of course, there are those who are going on the far-extreme side of this color spectrum by pulling out the brightest, boldest colors possible! It seems to be one extreme or the other...no middle ground!


Lucite accessories are prevalent with clear chairs, acrylic heeled shoes, acrylic signs and seating charts, acrylic placecards...even acrylic invitations and table numbers! Clear tents are going up...especially near beautiful waterfronts or wooded venues! Silver is replacing gold metallic. Wood is also appearing in decor details!


Locations are moving more towards art galleries, museums, industrial loft-style spaces, and covered rooftops. In other words, trends are moving back indoors! Destination weddings are finding their way to non-tourist spots and incorporating local customs into their wedding day. 


Photography is making a huge return to black and white matching the black white color schemes seen in invitations, wedding guests dress attire, and reception decors. Attire may be black and white, but the shoes may be a bright splash of color!


We're seeing 'Bars on Wheels' with craft beer carts set up at the event venue. With the swing towards healthy, we're seeing bartenders serving healthy, nonalcoholic mock-tail drinks! Trending are raw bars, family recipes, sushi, interactive appetizer stations and multiple course meals in smaller, varied options! 


Couples and event hosts are going for craftier, DYI, and unique decors...personalizing everything! Rental event furniture is being used to create relaxing, lounge areas around your reception venue.


Balloons are everywhere and in all shapes! They are joining, and some cases, replacing the flowers on wall structures. They are suspended in the ceiling in volumes, and being placed in very elaborate archways and garlands! Balloon twisters are being hired for entertainment through the night as are magicians, sketch artists, and dancers...creativity is the word!


Wedding parties are changing even more than ever! We're seeing grandmothers as flowergirls, dog ringbearers, and even more 'men of honor' and 'best women'. Tradition is being tossed out of the window! Wedding etiquette perfectionists are cringing...cash registries are being announced as millennial couples are trying to pay off student loans or save for a home down payment and aren't afraid to ask for money straightout! 


Couples are following the England royal family with 'children-only' bridal parties with a whole line of ringbearers and flowergirls...that should be fun for wedding planners! Some are going for no wedding party at all in very private ceremony!


Bohemian style is everywhere with macrame making a comeback...in table runners, table settings, hanging decor, and chair covers! Weddings are smaller with simpler DYI settings! To sum it all up, events are allowing hosts to let their personalities 'SHINE through' and do it their way! Enjoy your planning in 2018!


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