Yard Sale: Used Wedding Decor?

May 2, 2018

So...the wedding or event is OVER! You and your new spouse already have all of your old college dorm stuff piled up in your one big closet...an expensive storage unit is out of the question...your parents say no more storage space in their garage...your new home is already crammed...well, whatever the reasons the event stuff has got to go! 


You had so much fun planning your events! You've invested a lot of time in making your items or finding just the right ones for sale. So, of course, everyone else will love them too...that's where the thought should stop...you must distance your sentiment if you want to get rid of them quickly! They probably only hold sentimental value to you...keep that in mind!


So, if you want to sell these precious items, we have some suggestions for the best marketplaces. Here are a few online solutions:


1. At the website, Ruffled (www.ruffledblog.com), there is a 'recycle your wedding' section where you can create an account for free to buy and sell your gently used wedding items!

2. Wedding Recycle (www.wedding-recycle.com) is an online e-commerce site that allows you to buy and sell wedding items. 

3.  Another great source is the Facebook 'Marketplace'...find the local yard sale site for your area! 

4. Also, there is a Facebook group called 'WW Bride-2-Bride', a closed group for wedding resale items. Vendors are not allowed to sell in this group!

5. There is BravoBride (www.bravobride.com). This is the largest site to buy and sell wedding decor and clothing.  

6. There is a website called OfferUp (www.offerup.com) that allows you to sell or buy items locally online. This website stresses trust and safety, using user profiles, attempts to confirm identity, user ratings, and transaction history of sellers.

7. Website: Tradesy (www.tradesy.com) is a site for buying and selling pre-owned designer goods. The commission fee of 17.8% for selling is quite high. Buying is free.

8. Of course, eBay (www.eBay.com) is the mecca of all marketplaces for everything! eBay allows you to list up to 50 items per month for free, but charge 10% commission on the final sale. Buying is free.

9. A few other popular websites to buy and sell used wedding decor: Cindabella, Once Wed, Poshmark, Craigslist, 

Wedding Bee, 100 Layer Cake, Nearly Newly Wed, Still White, Etsy, and PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com,


The key to selling your gently used items is to price them correctly. Don't expect to get close to the price you paid for the items if you want to sell them quickly. Expect to sell the items for 50 to 70% discount of what you paid. Customers are looking for a bargain when it comes to used goods--think, yard sale...

If you go the route of selling your goods, start with a list of your inventory you intend to sell. Then, write a very brief description to be included with your online listing--its name and use. Take the best photos possible in great lighting. 


When it comes to selling a wedding gown, listing it online (as opposed to a consignment shop) is best! If you kept the dress in great condition, cleaned it immediately after the ceremony, and are selling it within one year of your wedding, you can probably demand about 50% of the what you paid for it! If you purchased a major wedding designer label which is easily recognizable, chances are you can get a little more. So, definitely include the designer name in your ad. 


If you don't care about making extra money (and just need the extra space back), another option of getting rid of your items is to do 'giveaways' during the reception. Give away your centerpieces during an 'oldest married couple dance' or other event activities. Some couples donate their flowers to their church or to a local retirement home where their beauty will continue to be appreciated! If you have a great relative who is having an event soon, consider 'passing your items forward' to help him/her out! 


Also, you could ask your vendors if they would like the decorations or other items for a small fee or a giveaway (if you just want to be rid of them). Most will really appreciate the new inventory for future events. With this option, the vendors can take the items home with them after the reception eliminating your need to store them at all!


Hope these tips help you out! Good luck with your 'gently used' decor and attire!









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