Are We Invited to Your Royal Wedding Watch Party?

May 17, 2018

Not one of the 600+ guests invited to the royal nuptials?  Well...then maybe you're planning your own party here in the states! We've done a little research for you to make your party a winner!


Enjoy turning your venue space/living room into St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle with a life-size cut-out of Harry and Meghan. Set them up for gorgeous photo opps! Don't forget your cardboard stand-up of British royal guards. To complete the look, add in full-size posters of London telephone booths, british flags, british landmark props, photo props like bowler or derby hats...and even Corgi balloons to honor the Queen's precious pets.


What will the dress code be for your party? Get everyone to wear red, white and blue! And you have to include the fascinators--those gorgeous BIG hats! Some party stores are even stocked with Harry and Meghan masks--or just make your own on your home printer.

For game fun, use British poker chips. Can't find any? Just print a picture from the internet or put stickers on solid chips from Party City. Give a chip to the person wearing the most outrageous fascinator. Play some guessing games about the wedding (like who will walk Meghan down the aisle) and reward the person with the most poker chips at the end of day with a nice gift, like one of your decorations...a peony in a teapot or a bottle of Champagne! 

Each princess has chosen a special tiara to wear on her wedding day in the past...sprinkle your table with tiny glittering tiara confetti (Michael's) to add that special sparkle to your decor!

For a great list of watch party recipes, go to Some of the selections on the list are: bacon and blue cheese biscuits; apple rhubarb scones; eggs benedict; blueberry streusel coffee cakes; artichoke, spinach and feta frittata; buttermilk pound cake with roasted strawberries; apple and toasted oat muffins; and strawberries and cream parfait.


Or if you're going for canapes, try cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese, hogs in blankets (with andouille sausage and chutney), strawberry-almond scones, crumpets with bacon, banger & egg sandwiches, or cucumber-mint chutney tea sandwiches. Or try the new couple's favorite, perfect banana pancakes (they love bananas) or spiced roast plum and almond French toast. Find other great recipes at    


Everybody loves pancakes! In 1960, Queen Elizabeth served President Dwight Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie, her special Scotch pancake (scone) recipe during their stay at Balmoral.  


The recipe is for 16 people. For fewer people, she just added less flour and milk, but the other ingredients remained the same.  A teacup equals to approximately half a cup. The batter is dropped into the pan by spoonfuls and flipped when bubbles appear on the surface. The actual printed recipe is shown above. Your guests will love these ROYAL pancakes!



Serve Harry's best friend's (Guy Pelly, who owns a London nightclub) Vodka and Champagne Cocktail with London-themed straws! Find the recipe at Or try: Pimm's Cup which is a citrusy-sweet cocktail creation from Anthony Davies, head of catering at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Find the recipe at Or just go with a nice mimosa! Don't forget to include an English-style brew, such as Bluebird Bitter on draft. You can also find some other cocktail recipes to serve at:, such as The Queen Martini. 


For your delectable desserts, don't forget to include the champagne elderflower cupcakes! Kensington Palace announced that the couple would be serving a lemon elderflower cake at the wedding.  The royal cake will be flavored with lemon and elderflower and will be covered with buttercream. Create your own mini versions using the recipe found at

 For the cupcake toppers, print out tiny Harry and Meghan pics, british flags, and 'Harry & Meghan' congrats and attach them to a toothpick. The perfect decoration topper!


Keep up the formalities by creating a program showing the tv schedule and menu, among other things. Let the program simulate the actual Royal invitation.


Can't have a british celebration without 'a bit of tea'. The Royal Wedding blend is made with white tea, vanilla, and pretty pink rose buds! Use Harney and Sons Royal Wedding Tea or Twinings tea with a dash of milk. Serve your tea with some corgi-shaped cookies. Then, decorate your tea tables with Meghan's favorite floral arrangements of peony blooms. In fact, it's just fine to go all out with other spring flowers too like roses, sprigs of myrtle, lilies of the valley, foxgloves...all adorned in cute teapots!

And please...don't serve your food selections on paper plates...for this, pull out the fine china and silver. Mismatched sets are perfect! If you don't have any, check out the thrift store, flea market, or consignment or antiques store, After all, we're celebrating royalty! Pinkies up please!


On Saturday, May 19, 2018, tune your party into the proper wedding channels! If you want to see the bride arrive and what she's wearing, you'll need to start the party by or before 6:00am. For the viewing moments, the tv channels and times start at: 4am EST for CBS, NBC, PBS and  5am EST for ABC, FOX, E! Also,,, and will be live-streaming the wedding.


The following timeline is shown in United Kingdom (UK) time zone. UK is 5 hours ahead of Washington, DC (EST). 

When Prince Harry and Meghan leave the chapel at 1:00pm, they will greet 200 representatives of Harry's charities gathered in the Cloister, and then they will greet family members on the West Steps. Finally, the couple will take a 25-minute carriage ride to the reception at St. George's Hall in the castle. 


Interesting Royal Wedding Facts:

  • This wedding is being paid for by Kensington Palace at an estimated price of nearly $50 million. Security is the highest cost.

  • The preferred brand of champagne of the Royal family is Bollinger at $115 a bottle. Estimation of the cost for champagne is $194,000 for the day.

  • Harry and Meghan have invited 2,640 members of the public to celebrate with them at Windsor Castle.

Enjoy your private Royal Wedding Party! We're still waiting for our invitation! And if you are watching alone, at least make yourself some of the delicious lemon elderflower cupcakes with buttercream with a 'spot of tea'!

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