"Never Seen That Done Before"!

May 21, 2018

That's what you want your events' guests to say...in a positive sense! Even though the royal wedding was fabulous...and we really enjoyed watching such an intriguing event...do you really want to try to copy it? All that was great for them and their personalities (and money)! You shouldn't...your wedding (for brides) or your event (for vendors) should be uniquely yours! It's okay to borrow a few aspects of another wedding, but you need to put your special mark on yours. Use trends only as guidelines...take a little of the present trends and add a little 'something' of your own to it! Have people following what you have created!


As an event vendor/manager you are expected to keep your ideas fresh. We are expected to be leaders, not followers. Well, how do you do that? What are some of the ways you can get inspired? 


Do you belong to an event management organization? If so, it's a great place to share ideas with your peers in the event industry. If not, set up your own advisory board for your company or set up a networking group of event friends where you meet from time to time and bounce ideas off of one another.   


The key to boosting creativity is by eliminating stress! Wake up early in the morning and do some exercise! An exercised mind is an open mind! Morning is a great time to go over ideas you have jotted down...your mind is fresh and clear.  What seemed uninteresting to you before, may look pretty good once you've had a chance to think over the possibilities!


Take a walk...it doesn't matter whether it's indoors on a treadmill or outdoors...get those brain wheels turning! If walking or exercise don't do it for you, then you probably need a vacation. Venture out on a trip and be inspired in your new surroundings with a fresh, open mind. 


Of course, the internet is a wealth of knowledge with loads of inspiration! Almost everyone uses and gets inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy. But no matter how much you read about things, there's nothing better than getting out to an event or two and seeing or experiencing it for yourself! This is the area where it is okay to 'one-up' something...see it, tweak it, and make it better!


We repeat...get away from your usual surroundings and get inspired! For example, we make a point of going to the Catersource/Event Solutions Conference and Trade Show almost every year where the latest event trends and resources are always displayed. Being from the east coast, these west coast products and ideas usually appear in the east within five years of seeing them in the trade show. So there are great, fresh ideas for us to build upon!


Visit your local vendors, such as event decor designers, lighting technicians, and event equipment rental facilities! Go to the ones that ALWAYS have the latest equipment available...visit their websites! What you see will inspire you for the entire event and help you to provide your clients with things they did not know were available! Look for props that will provide the ultimate visual and photographic experience for your clients/guests!


It's very important not to get too comfortable with your usual routine or setup! Being stagnant doesn't work for us as event directors and the 'artists of ideas'! (Almost) nobody wants a cookie cutter event...we have to say 'almost' because there is always somebody somewhere who does (smile). 


Don't forget to get your training in and learn the proper way to do events...before you change them! Then, you can keep the true essence of certain important event standards intact. We were at a birthday party recently where a new event planner was so busy making sure all the tables were properly decorated and the decor was set that she forgot to get the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to the guest of honor and forgot to announce the birthday cupcakes that sat alone in the corner all night. Set up and know your basic program first, then add the sparkles!


Sometimes a client's budget will cause you to think your available ideas are limited. A lot of fun things don't cost anything or are very inexpensive to include! For instance, without a budget for a photo mirror or booth you can just get a lot of themed party props and let your guests have fun posing for pictures with them! 


Some of the places you can be creative without it costing a lot are in the theme of your party, the coordinated invitation, a special requested guest clothing attire, an interesting name for your party, catered dishes that match your theme, inexpensive uplighting with your theme colors around the walls, colorful linens...you get the idea! It makes the crowd feel a part of the whole experience!

Don't forget to carry an iPad or notepad EVERYWHERE you go! You will be surprised at the places that will inspire you! Be prepared to write it all down as the ideas flow! 


We have a lot of people depending on us to make their dreams and visions come true! Let's not let them down...stay fresh, open-minded, and CREATIVE!





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