TIME OUT...Where Are Our Guests During Our Football Season Wedding???!!!

September 24, 2018

Fall is a tricky time to plan a wedding! If you must do it, plan it early in the season...NEVER, NEVER during football playoffs! There is no perfect weekend day to select during football season...games fall on Thursdays through Mondays! 


We love the color palette available during the fall months...vibrant jewel tones of sage, rust, cardinal red, hunter green, mustard, burgundy, emerald, orange...and the gorgeous props available with displays of autumn backdrops, leaves, and fall scenes. So, if this is the time you are dead-set on, let us help to make sure those football lover friends and family are there to celebrate with you! On the other hand, it is a very easy way to cut down your guest list because you can definitely count on a large number of RSVP regrets.


Be calm when your guests send you regrets, especially if you have relatives and friends with kids in football sports...in little league, high school, college, or the NFL! They have a lot of money tied up in those sports and season tickets and can not miss them. So try to understand when you see the regrets...they can not be helped. We are here to warn you and make you aware of the total devotion that some fans have for their football teams...please be considerate of your loved ones and plan and act accordingly.


And if you live in a college town, the hotels will be filled with football fans...so there's another issue. Restaurants will be crowded for your out-of-town guests.  Hotels will be more expensive. Talk to your venues, in advance, about their availability and capacity during football months. You will have to plan around game day traffic if there is a home game on your scheduled day. Also, renting tents for outdoor functions during football season is a nightmare. The best bet is to secure a hotel early (if hotels will allow it...guaranteed rooms will be strongly contracted) and have all events for your wedding weekend in one place.


If you have some groomsmen (and bridesmaids!!!) who love football, select a venue with tvs so that they can catch the day's highlights, pieces of the games, and scores while getting dressed. 



Next think is OBVIOUS...use a football theme! Have the groomsmen to wear socks with their respective teams for a great photo opp! Do a groom's cake with his favorite team! If your guests do choose your event versus their game, they will be searching for ways to find the scores...incorporate scoreboards into your reception and have your hostesses to update the scores throughout the evening. Create games where the day's winning teams get prizes! Supply the DJ with score updates for your guests! If not, be prepared to see a lot of guests sneaking a peep at their smartphones. If you set up a football room, don't get upset that the football fans will disappear there. Be very careful about naming your tables after teams...a Cowboys fan will NOT want to sit at a REDSKINS table and vice versa!!!


As always, GOOD LUCK with your planning! And we are always here to help out!!!





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