Nothing More Beautiful than A Winter White Wedding!

November 3, 2018

First of all, you have a ready-made theme...the decor and music sets itself! The stores are all packed with amazing ideas for your wedding decorations...and they are all ON SALE!!! You can take advantage of all of that easy obtainable, seasonal decor! What could be better than that!


This article has something for everyone...those planning for next year's holiday wedding and a little advice for those with weddings coming up this holiday season! 


Your guests will love having some serious party action during their time off from work! That's if you give them PLENTY of the dates should be sent out really early (at least 6 months in advance) and invitations must be 8 to 10 weeks in advance! Your selection of save-the-dates and invitations will be remarkable...beautiful cut-work snowflakes, glittering golds and silvers, etc.  


Remember many of your guests will have their own traditions and regular events during the holidays!  So, again, the earlier, the better! Also, we have found that older guests and those traveling from out-of-town are the most likely to decline your invite due to potential icy conditions and airline delays.


If your wedding is New Year's Eve, expect a crowd...people are always looking for a great New Year's Eve party!!! Why not let it be your wedding! Please avoid 'dry weddings' on New Year's Eve...most of your guests will expect a champagne toasts and other beverages! Christmas Eve or Christmas Day can be unpredictable due to family commitments, so you have to know your crowd to select those dates!


The key here is planning are in competition with holiday parties for venue space! It's a really busy time for vendors, so the earlier the better if you're selecting popular caterers, DJs, photographers, planners, etc. For this reason, your pricing quotes may be higher than and demand applies here...and holiday weekends are premium time!


When talking to your vendors, make sure you account for all the worst case scenarios in your contracts...i.e., cancellations and alternative plans due to inclement weather. And don't forget the wedding insurance...most policies protect you for weather-related cancellations. 


Prepare for the winter elements, in advance! Make sure you have salt and sand available for icy pathways. If your gowns (bridal and bridesmaids) are sleeveless, be sure to have warm shrugs or gorgeous short jackets for the outdoor trips and photos! And definitely consider possible ice and cold when selecting your footwear.  Set up a blanket station in the ceremony/reception entryway with a basket of small lfleece blankets to invite your guests to snuggle into.


Can you imagine those fabulous backdrops of snow against your gorgeous red bridesmaids' dresses! Have the groomsmen to wear Christmas socks or at least bright red socks for a spectacular photo moment! So, go outside for a quick second and at least get one snow picture...but make it quick! Adorn your guys with boutonnieres made from wintry greenery, fern, hemlock, boxwood, holly, and berries. Here's where an experienced photographer comes into who knows how to balance that snow glare with proper lighting and perfect photo composition! 


Imagine walking down an aisle adorned with glistening snowflakes lined with a row of multiple-sized votive candles giving the effect of sparkling white snow! Adorn your head table with lines of antique white candlesticks adorned with pearls, berries, and winter greenery! Your flowers will be exquisite with all the shades of red, green, and white intertwined throughout!


Consider having a hot signature a frothy egg nog cocktail, a flavored hot coffee or chocolate with a spiked twist or a spiked cider with peppermint sticks for the stirrers. Have a seasonal cake with layers of cinnamon, peppermint, or gingerbread flavors. Give a huge personalized gingerbread cookie for your favor. Set up a hot chocolate cart at your reception with white and dark chocolates and LOTS of TOPPINGS! Have hostesses walk around offering your guests mini cinnamon donuts and a spiced coffee just before the 'last dance' opportunity. Have all the guests salute you in the departure line with long, bright striped candy canes with a long tie of glistening gold or red & white ribbons for a memorable photo! How fun would it be to pull up at your reception in an open horse-drawn carriage?!!!



Your makeup should say "it's the holidays"! Start hydrating your skin early to prevent dryness and cracking...your makeup will glide on easier....your photos will glow! Don't forget the shimmer and glitter on your eyes! Use a little primer lotion to keep the sparkle in place. 


How great is the thought of escaping to a tropical island for the honeymoon! That's reason enough...escaping the cold and snow and enjoying the crystal blue waters of an all-inclusive resort in Barbados, St Maarten, Jamaica...just to name a few!


So...enjoy your holiday wedding...whether this year or next...and dance your way into the New Year!!! And think of the fantastic anniversary celebrations in years to come!




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