2019 Pep Rally for Event Pros! Let's GO!!!

January 9, 2019

So...you have put together your New Year's resolutions...don't forget about your business resolutions too! It's time for our FIRST annual pep rally for WEDPROSVA event professionals!!! For most of us--event vendors--it's a great time for rebranding...refreshing our images and products for 2019!!! Let's GO!!!


We want our new branding to put us ahead of the competition, get us new and returning clients, and show the innovation, creativity, and freshness of our companies! And not just for the beginning of the year, but DON'T GET DISTRACTED...STAY FRESH ALL YEAR LONG!!! 


Here are our Industry CHEERS to remember all year long to keep our companies fresh:


1. S is for Skill-building--LEARN, LISTEN, AND GET CERTIFIED - Consider or continue to obtain certifications in your field, join or renew national industry memberships, and sign up for industry conferences...this adds creditability to your company and teaches you some great information along the way! Get your name out there among your peers! Get some new skills from industry-related conference training and help to push your company ahead in the crowd of competitors! 


2. H is for Heart-to-Heart--BUILD ON YOUR CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS - Connect with past clients...there are always more events to manage in everyone's lives. Send them a note from time to time expressing your appreciation for them allowing your company to handle their past events. It's okay to even send a small heartwarming token of appreciation to keep your company in their minds! Also, ask your previous clients who may not have gotten around to it, to provide reviews on your social media and accounts like Wedding Wire and the Knot to add to your ratings! Stay in touch!!! 


3. I is for Improvement--POLISH UP YOUR LOOK - Look at and adapt the latest technological tools in our industry that fit your business needs! Impress your clients with the latest electronic devices and industry software! This will keep you organized with less hard-copy paperwork...time to put the binders away! Get your contracts signed faster with Hellosign or Echosign or find some new business solutions with Honeybook. Put together a brand new eye-catching 'New Client Package' for 2019--set yourself apart from the competition with a new professional look or just tweak your old one a bit! 


4. N is for Network--REACH OUT AND TOUCH - Grow your business with NETWORKING!!! Reach out to us, your fellow event professionals! Refresh your preferred vendor listing for 2019!


5. E is for Education--LOOK FOR NEW TRAINING - We are all NEVER too old to learn or NEVER too great to listen! Even if you are one of the leaders in our industries, look at your competition to see what everyone is doing. This will help you to know that you are going in the right direction with your strategies or where you might need to make changes. If you feel you have a lot to share, consider setting up webinars or training for your peers! Become or build upon being a leader in the industry!



Put them all together...they spell S.H.I.N.E....Polish up your brand and SHINE in 2019! New clients, new networking "friendors", and a brand new OUTLOOK on business for







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