Event Planner...Theater Producer?...Lights, Camera, Action

May 16, 2019

Have you ever thought about becoming a theater producer? Well, as an event planner (and a few other vendor roles), believe it or not...the careers are very similar! Let's take a look...


Events and weddings are like well-produced (not over-produced) theater productions. You are responsible for putting on a fun show to entertain the audience (guests).  This is the way the event should be approached...like filling a stage (your venue)! One of the biggest differences of the two careers is the budget...in most cases, our production costs vary drastically between our clients and we must adjust! 


When picking the script (theme), we must pick one that will engage the audience (guests) like never before, and must make a definitive statement (about our couple/host). We can only achieve this through carefully planned and executed design!


You select just the right cast of characters (guests) to make sure the night goes well. You can dress your cast in themed costumes (Harlem Renaissance, Masquerade, Black & White, 70's Era, etc.) for dramatic effect! You can showcase or feature some of your stars (guests) with special presentations or prizes! You will provide your guests with an evening filled with fun, uniqueness, magic, and comfort!


When evaluating the event space, think about 'staging'...consider how the guests will move across the stage (the event space). Think about how you can add lighting throughout the room to accentuate the best features of the space and create personality and dramatic effects! We must engage the guests visually with an overall environment that stimulates and entertains them...everything we do should stay with the plot (theme)! And it's perfectly okay to pop in a surprise here and there!


It gives a sense of magic when you cast a light upon an empty ballroom and slowly transform it into a magnificent scene...draped in fabric, intriguing colors, tones and textures, filled with flowers and greenery, and comfortable sitting arrangements.


Don't forget to fill the concession area (reception) with food for the intermissions (dinner hour)! And it's okay to bring in an extra entertainer to perform to keep the audience (guests) entertained between scenes! 


You plan each scene out as the evening progresses...building up the drama until the final curtain call when the guests depart, feeling fully entertained, at the end of the evening!


Magnifico...Great Show...Great Event...Great Wedding! And if you continue to do a great job, you could get an Industry Award!

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