Are You Sending Your New Clients A Welcome Gift?

July 23, 2019


How do you show your new clients you appreciate their business? Well, of course by giving them excellent service! But...a fantastic gift doesn't hurt to say 'thank you' after the signing of the contract! They are spending their hard earned money on your talent and services, so why not thank them with something spectacular, but sensible!


But don't overdo it! For clients, keep gifts in proportion to the service the client orders from you to ensure no one feels uncomfortable about the gift. You can even send a personal handwritten note, a gift get the idea (it's the thought that counts, right)! We are sharing some of the companies that we use below for ordering our client gifts.

A very special, inexpensive gift can by found at! The 12 Nibblers Red Box is spectacular...this is a red box with 12 Nibblers bite-sized cookies. You can even add a l-color logo if you buy a case.


At A Signature Welcome--Gifts that Celebrate, at, you can find custom designs for your new bridal clients, welcome baskets for your guests, and other custom gifts for friend-ors and other peers! Signature makes each gift personal for you to make the best first impression for your new clients. They will work with any budget. Show your appreciation to your clients and peers with this personal touch! They specialize in wedding welcome gifts, bridal party gifts, client experience gifts, and vendor thank you gifts--all one-of-a kind gifting experiences designed with your vision.

Another great company is the Gift Tree at! This company will help you make a lasting impression with their very high-quality business gifts for your new wedding clients, colleagues, employees, or business peers! This company can even add personalized messages or your business logo directly onto your gift! They can add customized plaques, printed satin ribbons, silver hang tags, and more to your exclusive gifts!

Another company, Packed with Purpose ( provides fabulous gifts that capture your company values--reflecting your business mission! 



In any gift that you send, don't forget to include your business card in your gift or some form of your branding. In your initial consultation, listen to their likes and hobbies and incorporate something noted into your client gift. 

Client appreciation is merely a small way to show gratitude for showing trust in you...there are so many businesses out there in our fields. Recognizing and appreciating their trust in you sets you apart from those who just do the service for the money and move on. We want to build lasting relationships with our clients. There will be other life experiences they will need you for, so keep your business name on their minds with LOVE and SPECIAL CARE!




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